Pet Pre-Insurance.

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insaneDemNS said:
Peace of mind for an added fee. :E

That was my thinking. You get the benefit of protecting your pet before you've got it, which is advantageous over simply getting the pet and then insuring it (especially with wilderness pets) so an increased cost would seem fair.

23-Jul-2015 02:50:08

Cleyra II
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Cleyra II

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Rising Two said:
I also like the idea of getting the pet after a guaranteed amount of kills.

For instance, if it's 1/800 drop rate, that's what it is. But once you get 800 kills it's 100%.

Would love this lol.

Thread suggestion is good as well.

23-Jul-2015 05:28:06

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insaneDemNS said:
Indeed. I was just laying down, browsing random RS videos on my phone when I saw another unfortunate sight. A player being killed in the Wilderness for his poor Callisto Cub. If only he had access to some kind of Shame. The real victim here is the Cub. It's parents were murdered and then it was cast out into darkness alone. Sniffle.


Well! Good night. ^_^


Miaow. ^_^

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