Pet Pre-Insurance.

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lanafan14 said:
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Yeah, it would be nice if a pet could be "sent to bank" once maybe.

I also like the idea of getting the pet after a guaranteed amount of kills.

For instance, if it's 1/800 drop rate, that's what it is. But once you get 800 kills it's 100%.

Both of these would be nice. I mean, it's not like the pets are harming the economy or anything.

Don't be surprised if somebody claims that.
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22-Aug-2015 21:35:47



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^That pets are/will harm the economy. :P?

(sorry if that's not what you meant. I've been slow lately. :E)

Anyway, updated post 3 on the front page with more Twitter responses regarding this suggestion. Seems mixed, possibly siding on favorable, but.. I understand it's probably not a priority. :P

Anyway, appreciate the feedback/bumps guys and gals. E:

23-Aug-2015 20:08:56

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