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It has to be order to keep....dreams alive..

So gracious, so very gracious.

If anyone's looking for some help hunting a pet, feel free to leave a message or contact me in-game. Taking a little break hunting myself and thought I could assist some randoms for a bit. ^^ Unfortunately, most of my attempts to do this in the Wilderness (Fanatic, KBD) often comes with a bit of uncertainty by the wary players suspecting me of "scouting". :D...

Anyway, just throwing it out there. Gotten a little bored, feel like this could be a nice change of pace. If interested we could discuss further in-game. Keep in mind this wouldn't be a situation where we 'share' kills, rather a setup where you get all the drop(s) and any potential pet. I'd simply be there as backup in a sense.


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It sucks that they censored my past username. Pfffft**********;

No problem. :)

If only I still have my past account, I would gladly join you for pet-hunting, but alas, Jagex just have to keep their bot-banned-count "consistent". The ultimate irony of fighting against bots and reporting them every so often and gotten smacked(accidentally for sure) for the very same offence I'm always against. :P

If I have the stats I'll go KQ hunting with ya, I really wanted that pet. But for now, RRCRCRCRCRCRCRCRCRCRCRCRCRCRCRCRC.

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