Pet Pre-Insurance.

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Ahh you guys - except for possibly All Over lol.

Aaand very nice, Zhozho. I hope you come to appreciate 'em more! Lol.

Appreciate the bumps, sorry for my lack of attention to this thread lately.

I've been a bit preoccupied with Classic and I haven't given much thought to my pet hunt. :P Although I did tweet Ash last week about the idea of Pre-Insurance for pets and this was his response:

"Interesting idea! It'd take quite a radical change to Probita's code though."

However I'm not sure if that was a dismissal or a maybe. Perhaps I'll poke him again in a few weeks. ANYWAY! Thanks again for keeping this thread alive and have a great day everyone. Yus.

23-Apr-2015 22:18:29

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