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Awesome thread Insane :)

Me personally, the only pet I've ever wanted in old school is the penance queen pet. I've done about 1k barbarian assault high gambles if not more by now, and have been trying to obtain the penance pet since the day of its release which was in August of last year. It's been nearly a year since I've been trying, and all of my barbarian assault friends I started striving to get the pet alongside, all of them have gotten it but me. :( The pet is 1/1k and if you ask me, that's too rare lol. Upon release, I knew the pet would be rare, but not this rare. I've heard of people coming to barbarian assault for 1-3 day, doing 1 high gamble, and obtaining the pet. Getting the pet shouldn't be based on pure luck, but rather one's devotion/motivation to obtaining the pet of their choice.

I think a reasonable drop rate for the penance pet queen would be 1/500. That's a drop rate that is still really rare, but not too rare that will discourage people from playing barbarian assault for the sole purpose of achieving the penance pet. I wouldn't say barbarian assault is a dead minigame, but the majority of the people who play it only does so to obtain the fighter torso. Once they obtain that, they leave and never come back. Of course there are competitive barbarian assault players out there like me who not only enjoys the minigame so much, but also would like to get their hands on the penance queen pet. The chaos elemental has a reasonable drop rate I'd say. It's rare, but it isn't ridiculously rare like other pets. Keep trying, Insane. You'll eventually get it. You are not the only one with terrible luck, so hopefully that will motivate you even more to obtaining your chaos elemental Jr. :) Good luck

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Still am busy, and will continue to be for about a couple weeks more.


AH HOW HELPFUL YOU ARE. I wish thee much luck. *gives raw turtles*


@Shunyung - Oh the horror. I've actually recently been interested in going for the Penance pet as well, just as an occasional high gamble here and there. It scares me how unlucky some people can get, though. I recall recently camping Abyssal demons and going over 2500 kills dry of a whip. If I'm not mistaken that's the rough equivalent of at least 5,000 High Gambles or 5,000 Fanatics if I was going for a pet there. Frightening. Truly.. Truly. Frightening.

Though at the moment my interests have shifted to Classic and working on alts, so I haven't driven myself too crazy! I still log in and kill a Fanatic or Elemental here and there, but it's not nearly at the rate as I once did. I suppose I just don't want to burn myself out with another failed streak. :P Tbh and I know I've mentioned this already a few times, but if there was a Pre-Insurance option, I suspect I'd get the pet within a week. With no fear of dying and losing the pet as I escape the Wilderness, I'd be willing to a risk a lot more then the current 3 iteming I do out there. :X

ANYWAY! Appreciate the post and best of luck. I REALLY MEAN THE VERY BEST. To you. ^^

P.S. I do agree that something could be done to change the present pet system. Perhaps when I become a bit more active on 07 again I'll yell and poke at some of the higher ups. *rawr* *stab*

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It's just my primary concern is directed at Classic atm, so I haven't really put much time here. :P

Especially since.. I don't really know what my thread is about anymore.

That said! No Chaos Elemental pet yet. :P Although I did have a dream I got one. :E

Anyway, thanks for the posts, I was worried I had lost this thread for a moment. ^^

25-May-2015 22:25:52

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I'll do what I can to keep this thread alive, until at least the mods acknowledge this proposal and has/have given proper consideration upon it. C(h)vt(k)y

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