Shaman slayer issues

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So, its should be a known fact that people don't seem to have a shred of care for anyone else around them. Lizardmen are a very horrible task if you dont kill shamans as they give almost zero profit gain. Now the slayer cave is nice, considering that theres never anyone in it. But this is also probably because shamans are maddening to kill with no cannon. you spend more time running around in circles than actually fighting them and it makes for a very long task.

Please make it so we can use cannons in the slayer only shaman cave. Theres too many pricks out there who just toss their cannon down ontop of you in the only other area you can kill them.
Would be awesome even if its only 1-2 cannon areas in the slayer cave, its insane to search for an hour for an empty world only to have someone set up right ontop of you to take your loot and xp

26-Nov-2017 03:13:00

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