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This idea was inspired by Runesharks Godsword set from scratch series.

Ironman mode with a team.

Up to 4 in a team, you're given the option to be an IronClan member on tutorial island, and you can either start a new IronClan, or join an existing IronClan.

You can only join from tutorial Island. You cannot join an IronClan after tutorial Island.
To join you must enter the name of the IronClan.
IronClan names are unique.

Your IronClan application must be approved by all current members of the IronClan.

Trade and Banking
As a part of an IronClan, you may trade freely with any member of your IronClan.

Each IronClan member had their own person bank that cannot be accessed by anyone else, as usual.

However, any member of your IronClan can deposit into your bank if you have your bank depository setting "open".

Any member of your IronClan may also view the contents of your bank, if you have your bank viewing setting "open".

IronClan members may also deposit and withdraw from the IronClan bank.
This is a shared bank, that all IronClan members can view, deposit and withdraw from.

This is to make item sharing easier while other members are offline.
Members can deposit supplies etc in to the IronClan shared bank for other members to use while they're offline.


IronClan Highscores are based on the average of each IronClan member.


If one member has 100k, one has 50k, one has 10k and one has 500 Herblore exp, the IronClan has an average of 40125 exp.

The same is done for total level, quest points, clue scrolls and any other high score category.

First drops such as first IronClan member to receive a saradomin hilt will say the players name and which clan they were from.

Leaving IronClan Mode

You may choose to leave IronClan Mode at any time.

New members may join from tutorial Island to take your place.

You may choose to become a regular Iron man, but all items in the IronClan bank will be forfeit.
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Support. OSRS could use a huge promotion of group or cooperative playing, be it clans, group events, group-based challenges, etc. Great step forward, makes a ton of sense and i really like how it fits the idea of a clan. great idea.

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Could also introduce a separate tournament,

DeadClan Mode.

Relatively self explanatory,

Iron Man limitations are lifted,

The group shares a skull,

So if one person is skulled, everyone is skulled.

The skull colors work the same, your skull shows how many keys you have on your person.

It would stop half the team being skulled and the other half muling food for them from safe zones.
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Please add something like this, I have a hc ironman but all I want is a feature like this iron clan, start a group of adventurers with my mates and have to earn our gear from crafting and drops

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Obviously the drop rules would have to be changed so the IronClan can boss together.

Construction opportunities are a possibility,

IronClan Hideouts,

Available in places separate from PoH.

Have a portal in edgeville, near Castlewars, near the death plateau, maybe up near piscatoris.

Function practically the same as a PoH except for some more Clan orientated decorations, boss teleports etc.

IronClan Hideouts are restricted by the lowest construction level in the clan.

You cannot build or use certain features until everyone in the IronClan achieves the required level, to avoid one player dedicating their time to construction while the rest of the clan does something else.
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