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I'd like to see hybrid armour, where it can be fed existing gear (non-refundable) from the three triangles, and takes on said gears stats (stats only, so effects like barrows wouldn't work). Then it has a right click morph option on it, allowing you to choose mage/range/melee.

I'd also like to see the ability to combine skilling outfits in the same way (there'd be a combat piece, and a skilling piece). Feed them to it, and it consumes them.

As far as appearance for this, I would enjoy seeing some type of a 'glow' or something added to the existing gear.

So for example, you'd have various presets that could be consumed, everything else it would reject. then the appearance model for that morph would be the same as the gear, but maybe with a gold glow (or allow us to pick the glow, or recolor the glow from some presets).

These would of course be non-tradeable, and probably degradeable and repairable with the minigame tokens or whatever it is. I believe this would attract the entirety of osrs, maybe with a few exceptions.

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I donít believe that the only reason why mini games are empty is because of the lack of good rewards. It is definetly a problem that the cross rewards system will help with, but the problem also lies within the wide array of content to choose from, and that there needs to be a way to entice players to play one game as much as all the others. I made a post to suggest a fix to this problem. Please see 322-323-365-65997213 and give me your personal feedback why or why not itís a good idea.

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