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In three days it will be the ninth year anniversary since the creation of Soul Wars. However, on RS3, Soul Wars is dead. It was destroyed gradually with the evolution of combat upgrade. This is a shame since I remember days when there would be 600 vs 600 players in the Soul War mini game. Their were massive clans dedicated simply to playing Soul Wars and nothing else. I would stay up all day and all night playing the mini game and I was not the only player to do so. If Jagex brings back Soul Wars I guarantee the company will see a spike in players. I know some people who did not have the mental capacity to learn how to play the mini game will be against it, but many more will be for it. By bringing back Soul Wars jagex will unite communities that have fallen apart and revitalize my gaming experience. I beg you, please bring back Soul Wars!

08-Feb-2018 01:41:26

Mod Sween

Mod Sween

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I've moved this to Content Suggestions, since it is a suggestion for content.

Things I'd keep in mind are:
It isn't a copy/paste job, it'll have to be re-developed from the ground up.
Most players played only for the the extremely generous rewards. My own opinion is that such lucrative XP rewards will not pass an OSRS poll.
The release of Soul Wars in RS3 didn't come with a huge spike in Membership, so I'm not convinced it'll do the same here.

A lot of the above is my own opinion, by the way, it's not to say we'll never do it.
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08-Feb-2018 09:43:21

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I don't know, I think it will be dead content on release because people only play minigame's for the really good rewards like Void or Fighter torso.
We could add some slayer gear as reward and combat/slayer xp rewards.
maybe a specific item like a slayer bracelet or amulet i don't know.
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08-Feb-2018 16:56:31



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Okay, yes, it will need to be re-developed, but soul wars is not that expansive. How long would it really take to develop?
You may have a point about needing the generous rewards. Just let us vote on it please! Again, Soul Wars was my life when I was in high School. I remember even skipping school in order to help my clan defeat other clans in Soul Wars. It is extremely important to me and thousands of other players. I believe it could win in the polls. I beg you, just give it a chance!
Also, of course the release of Soul Wars in RS3 did not come with a huge spike of players (no one on the outside knew how fun it was), but thousands of players (no longer playing) had an addiction for soul wars back before EOC. Therefore, if Soul Wars was reintroduced to OSRS, one could logically conclude most of the people who played the mini game 24/7 would come flooding back to the game. I mean there are YouTube videos about Soul Wars with tens of thousands of views. Some even reaching 6 figures in views. Jagex will see a spike in players, so please bring Soul Wars back!

08-Feb-2018 17:05:20



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The moderator is commenting about no spikes in membership but Jagex's advertising team also is slim. How can you expect new players to come if they dont know there is a game out there. I suggest we bring back soul wars to keep the people runescape already has. The xp Rewards were insane, but it kept people interested in the game, no telling how many people didnt quit because of mini games like stealing creation and soul wars. Also, it was experience that was actually fun, instead of click 16 Million times on the same monster or supply to get a 99. I think at this point Runescape shouldn't be worried about getting more people to start playing, its keeping the people it already has. Skilling is boring universally, so is questing and training to reach a goal, but it is only worth it if there is a place where you can show off what you have acheived in PvP or something like that. Just my 2-cents on the subject.

08-Feb-2018 17:51:05

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I was never a big fan of sour wars, but I can see why people where and i'm sure if i gave it more of a chance i'd get to enjoy it.

Two major issues regarding it stand for me, which is the fact it'd be a gigantic heap of effort on the already lacking staff team, the other being if xp rewards got polled, i'd be very concerned with them passing (more likely they'd pass IMO)..

10-Feb-2018 10:29:27

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No support.

Not only do you want to copy/paste Pre EoC content, but you clearly have a disregard for the integrity of the game since you would be fine with the same rewards. It was also a massive bot-fest in Pre EoC. We already have one minigame tumor with NMZ, we don't need another.
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10-Feb-2018 10:45:06

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