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Reminiscon said:
No support.

Not only do you want to copy/paste Pre EoC content, but you clearly have a disregard for the integrity of the game since you would be fine with the same rewards. It was also a massive bot-fest in Pre EoC. We already have one minigame tumor with NMZ, we don't need another.

Firstly, Soul Wars would not be the first copy/paste Pre EoC content (think G.E.). Secondly, what is wrong with the same rewards? Who wants to click on the same monster 100,000 times in order to get a 99? Soul Wars made the process a lot more enjoyable. Furthermore, yes, Soul Wars was botted, like everything else, but there were massive clans with real players who had the time of there lives playing Soul Wars.

10-Feb-2018 18:43:43



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I believe your missing the point, we have no true PvP Minigames, which IMO made the game fun. Don't have it make cash rewards only xp. Easy fix. I see from looking at your post you are anti PKing, anti PVP just a cancer in the society. Most people play this game because of the PVM, PVP scenery. Almost every game that has ever been successful has been because you can match up with someone else and show your skills. Not to grind out 99 agility so you can gain run energy a little faster. If you want this game to stay alive, we need more PVP updates.

12-Feb-2018 01:42:54



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Mod Sween said:
I've moved this to Content Suggestions, since it is a suggestion for content.

Things I'd keep in mind are:
It isn't a copy/paste job, it'll have to be re-developed from the ground up.
Most players played only for the the extremely generous rewards. My own opinion is that such lucrative XP rewards will not pass an OSRS poll.
The release of Soul Wars in RS3 didn't come with a huge spike in Membership, so I'm not convinced it'll do the same here.

A lot of the above is my own opinion, by the way, it's not to say we'll never do it.

Its a fun minigame i think it wouldn’t be dead content the things you should do is
- remove xp lamp from the reward shop.
- make it so it only has one world to play the minigames not multiple worlds (change castlewars world as well, there are multiple castle wars world thats why its dead, are you able to change it or make a poll so there is only one world for the minigames and not multiple because it halfs the players thats trying to play the minigame).
- the reason castle wars is dying is because there are more then one castle wars world, please change it and make it one world it should be for all minigames.

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I just now remembered Soul Wars today. It was really fun. To me, pest control was for xp/void, couldn't get into castle wars, but SW was pure fun. I heard it was suggested early on but can't confirm it. Would also like an HD option just for those who would enjoy it.

17-Feb-2018 05:02:29

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