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Hello noobs, please make the toy horsey make a NEIGGGH sound when clicked. I will settle for a equipped gear sound. I'm without a doubt in the top percentage of toy horsey users in the game right now, and I can say without a doubt this would be a huge help, but not op.

09-Feb-2018 02:20:34

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I have to agree. This is a severly lacking area and an update of this sort would be greatly appreciated! I'm only a second-tier Horsey user, so please consider making this accessible to not only the top players but the mid-low level users, too.

(side note: I'd be very happy if we could get a joint update with Red Capes alongside this.)

09-Feb-2018 05:15:15

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I saw a lot of people talking about this on Reddit, I'm glad someone finally stepped up to make a thread about it on the Forums. This is of utmost importance and I wish I could upvote it more.

09-Feb-2018 21:43:47



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As an under utilized asset that both increases the skill ceiling of the game and simultaneously brings community members together, I cannot support this enough. I can't believe that not only do we not currently have such an obvious feature, but nobody has though to suggest it prior to this! Please poll.

16-Feb-2018 21:36:41

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