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Not sure if anyone has ever gone into the exact details as to why this isn't viable, regardless, I'll give it a shot :)

Although the HD update was released a year or so after the version that is OSRS, it took an incredibly large team (that was out sourced) to convert and test every model in the game. A toggle wouldn't be possible either unfortunately, this is because to get extra detail into the new models all other models had to be scaled up to match. If a toggle was possible, it would increase the amount of work us artists would have to do as we'd have to make two versions of every model.

A toggle wouldn't be enough to convince some players who do not want it as it would certainly stop actual content updates for a while. The polling system isn't just about what players want in game, but where they want us to focus our efforts and an incredibly large update with no new content isn't something I see going down too well.

Of course, I've no idea what the future holds, just hoping to shed a bit more light on the topic :)

12-Apr-2017 16:45:07

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