Graceful skillcaps

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Mista Face

Mista Face

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So I’ll get right to the point. We all use graceful set for obvious reasons. While I use the graceful set often for the regen effect, I also really enjoy being able to show off my skillcapes that I’ve worked hard for but I’m always torn between them because of both these reasons.

I think it’d be a cool concept to be able to use the crafting skill to sew together a graceful cape to ONE of your skill capes permanently. Doing so would consume the graceful cape but allow the skillcape to act as a replacement to allow the regen for the whole set. Since the graceful cape is -4 weight and skillcapes weigh +4 it can even out to a zero. Maybe require a specific thread to do this with as well? Since It would consume the graceful cloak you would have to farm another one for every skillcape you wanted to sew one too, which would give some people another thing to use marks of grace on.

I’m aware the agility cape works like this and maybe used as an incentive to get 99 agility but it’d be cool to show off all your skill capes while doing a lot of running or skilling with graceful.

Thank you

29-Dec-2018 16:00:14

The Infernix
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The Infernix

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Mista Face said:

I’m aware the agility cape works like this.

Than why bother? The idea is cool, but it doesn't fit RS. It would just stand out.
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