POH vs. Spellbook teleport

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I'm not sure if this was intended or not but I thought I would voice my opinion on this matter. When you right click on a portal in your house that you are able to change the destination of, for example the Varrock portal being able to teleport you to Varrock Square or the Grand Exchange, the two teleports are separate from one another.

You are able to change your Varrock POH portal in your house so it's separate from the teleport in your spell book, so for example your spell book Varrock teleport could go to the GE and your POH could go to Varrock Square. Keep in mind that I am talking about left clicking only, I am aware that you are able to right click and choose the destination that your left click isn't set to.

I noticed that with the Camelot/Seers teleport that when you change the teleport destination on either your spell book spell or POH portal it changes the destination for both. My suggestion is to make the POH portals and spell book destinations separate from one another like how the Varrock teleport and POH portal are set up currently.


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