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A getaway resort type island, located in the very Northeast corner of the map.

Shaped like a max cape, and frequented by heroes and legends of Runescape, such as Vannaka and Oziach, this private lagoon is accessible only by those who have attained 99 in all skills.

On the island, you'll find a bank, a kitchen, standard mining rocks, an anvil and furnace, a few fishing spots, an underground games room similar to that of Burthorpe,

and best of all,

A trading post, with a Grand Exchange operator.
You may buy and sell on the grand exchange from this island.
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20-Jan-2018 01:38:09

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It would be nice to get away from the assorted begging and scamming vermin that frequent the Grand Exchange but it'd never pass a poll in a million years. 2200 Total worlds didn't and that was back when the game was less casual than it is now
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20-Jan-2018 09:35:41

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Hopefully there would be some sort of separation on the lagoon for novice, easy, medium & hard players of the game.

Novice - Standard Rs accounts.

Easy - Basic Iron accounts.

Medium - Ultimate Iron accounts.

Hard - HC Iron accounts.


I don't think it would be fair for players that are on different ranks within the game to have the same final achievement at the end. Even if just certain parts of the lagoon are open to each class of players.
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20-Jan-2018 23:44:36

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