Lore Challenge: The Black Ibis

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Who Are The Black Ibis & What Are Their Origins

" Of Menaphos, Though not technically military the Black Ibis serve as protectors of sacred places and counterspies. The group is shrouded in mystery and serves the pharaoh directly. "

I did some online searching, and I found nothing.

Considering how knowledge worthy many of you seem to be, I would very much like to see a well-written and informative post about them. I couldn't find any in here from what I looked past, either. I hope if there is something, I did not miss it.

The Runescape Lore of Tumeken is very interesting - especially when you refer to Amascut and her suspected plot of stealing the Kharid-Ib that was connected to Tumeken himself, whereas the Black Ibis seem to be Kharidian, mysterious and talented thieves but not much else is told of them from what I could find.

If you also refer to the idea that Tumeken had a visionary dream of the future events to come, and that he created 4 minor Gods because of this vision and then suddenly, as he forseen, he meets his 'end'. Could they be fragments of his reincarnation to come? Did he plan ahead?

The longer it remains empty below, the more excited I get about them. In my perspective, I feel as if The Black Ibis and the banishment/loss of Tumeken by Amascut are somehow connected. The Black Ibis must have been an order, either under Amascut's command or Tumeken's. Perhaps even another.
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Considering that the set effect enhances Thieving experience and that the outfit pieces are found within a pyramid filled with deadly traps and a guardian mummy, I'd hazard a guess that the Black Ibis were a group/guild of thieves that took to robbing the tombs of wealthy folk in the region.

Over time, the traps and monsters in the tombs they robbed would have reduced their membership until the group dissolved (or they are just such good thieves that nobody knows they still exist). The clothing of most deceased members would degrade/disintegrate over time, while the qualities/magics of the urns the guardian mummy stored the raiders' belongings in would keep them preserved for us to find.

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King Tumeken
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I like this idea as general is it is.

However, since this is mostly theorized since they are such a shroud of mystery; these particular skill assetts that are of a theif, are also that of an assassin. Perhaps they were not only theives...

Hm, I noticed you mentioned The Guardian Mummy. That is a very good point, indeed.
It came to me though, that if The Black Ibis did in fact steal and raid the treasures of these tombs, I would find it difficult to reason why A Menaphite/Kharidian Guardian Mummy would protect the belongings of their (ancestral) enemy; a thief, or tomb raider.

However, this doesnt make me believe they didnt. Perhaps they were tomb raiders, theieves or assassins, lost and awaited death while treasure hunting as you said. But the question is, why? And for who? Far too much wisdom in such mystery for me to believe thry were petty theives.

I figured the theives guild of lumbridge and such would better fit this description but not quite The Black Ibis. After all, we do only get to find one kind of equipment from their kind and its quite an ancient set.

With that being said - they exist within the Kharidian or the Desert Whole as their origin as far as we know but they could have come from great lengths to reach these tombs.

Perhaps they were searching for something specific? Someone? Maybe it was not just an old fashioned, Indiana Jones Tomb Raider day of the week for them.

Perhaps they were seeking hidden, secretive passage thruought the Pyramid to kill the Pharoah or another, and had come into the maze that is a pyramid. Perhaps they were found, and captured, thrown into the dungeon tombs of the pyramid to rot and die.
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Another possibility is how the group started and how they ended.

They could have started out as a guild of thieves and assassins, but when agents of the Pharaohs reached out to them, they could have found it more profitable (and improve the long term survivability of the group) to join the Pharaoh. Thus they just became a secret sanctioned group of killers, thieves, and spies, rather than a rogue group. To this day, they may be too good at their job that they aren't really noticed and could even be working against each other at times (ie: there may only be a handful of them with 120s in all related skills and that's all they need)

Conversely, they may have started out as Pharaoh agents, over time, disagreed with the route the kingdom was going (or alternatively, they were completely loyal to the original line of Pharaohs that were descended from Senliten ... of which Osman and his daughter are part of).
Over time, they may have attempted to subvert the usurping line of Pharaohs, but it was going well. Eventually they were left as a shell of their former organization, and it was safer to retreat/disband with what was left.
Their final act might have been helping Senliten's line escape and in time they became the Al Kharid spymasters.
Meanwhile, another group stayed behind and started looting the tombs looking for "something valuable and important". But as new recruits came on, the exact thing and reasons they were looting became forgotten or ignored, and after a few generations, the southern desert Black Ibis became nothing more than a band of superthieves.

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Haha that was awesome!

We are kind of on the same track about this! I like it!

It seems there is no origin to The Black Ibis.

Perhaps we should create one. I feel like a Moderator needs to come in here and be all like:

"The Black Ibis:

Etc etc etc......."

Haha! Theres no lore on them :(
As you touch the ancient tablet, you feel your power and energy drain slightly from within you.

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All we know, as far as I am aware:

Original message details are unavailable.
Once worn by members of an ancient, secret society, this clothing can be obtained through Pyramid Plunder.

The examine texts of the individual pieces say little more than that the Black Ibis were/are a shadowy, secret society.

On a related note, no matter how much Pyramid Plunder I've played, I am yet to obtain a single piece... nor have I ever got any sceptres, for that matter.
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Hey i think i saw one by the cave in one end of the river the other date that is by now lost already for so long ago it was. Stealthy charaters, may i claim by the whimsy look of one of them, as if one with the sand around them and so on!

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