It is hidden in the stars???

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Pupppy said:
What I find most alarming is that those "people" in the mural appear to be rotting corpses in different stages death - watch the video about the quest and its art showcase, at 13:46 you can see its clearer concept art.

The further they are from that shiny center of stars, the more collapsing, and further degraded skeletons they are...

Oh, and those two ones standing on their feet seem to own horns or some other kind head protuberances, just like the mahjarrat do. The rest look pretty humane.

ps: what if that mural was made at like very close to the beginning of the zarosian empire? Then Zaros wouldn't have met the mahjarrat yet, and that would mean something entirely unrelated to them.

Sepulchre said:
Seems if you keep reading into the thread of Tweets, the answer has been found.

The stars somewhere behind the throne itself can be connected like dots to form the letters JAS.

So, that mural shows creatures that are more degraded the farther they are from the stars that forms the name JAS.

It also seems that the creatures are touching something, so maybe it's the Stone of Jas, not Jas herself?
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Oh dear... you lost The Game ;)

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