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Lethalintent said:
I sympathise with your issues, but Seren can't just sit and do nothing in the 6th age.

The elder gods are waking up, the stone is up for grabs, the lessers and back yet again ruining Gielinor.

Every god is doing something, Zaros is devising his master plan behind the scenes, Saradomin is trying to resurrect a race, Zamorak is trying to cheat, Armadyl is... well... Alright most of the gods are doing something.

Seren can't stand there like a lemon. She has to be involved.

But I don't think she'll be changing personality wise for those who like yourself and many others will be restoring her properly, this entire hint at insanity is likely towards the people who for some reason hate her and will sabotage her.

I see her return and changes to her character as nothing but positives.

Don't abandon the faction and certainly not the game, at least wait and play through the quest and post quest before deciding that.

This post made me laugh, cry, and overall feel.

10/10 would agree.

"Being Different is Being Remembered"

01-Aug-2015 18:25:59

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