Could Guthix be reforged?

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Toy Horsey
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Toy Horsey

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Silly thought,
Does mother mah have the power to reforge guthix from his anima?

I feel guthix isn't actually dead, only his vessel.
I feel somewhere along the line, It is necessary to bring guthix back.
Perhaps for Seren.

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Dude! You're totally on to something!!!!

It is a very silly thought :P

Jokes aside, jagex have said he is dead dead and he's not coming back. Also, the missing presumed death lore book claims that a god's soul is ripped to shreds upon their death so I doubt using his anima, if he even had any (Gods are made of divine energy, which is a bit different than anima afaik) would do much good, sorry :(

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Toy Horsey said:
Well, What about all the anima that is left from guthix?
If guthix is completely gone, wouldn't his anima be too?

You mean the divination energy? That's not his soul, that's mostly energy from the god he killed, and what he absorbed from the stone of jas. Its about as much him as the food you ate for lunch today is you. Also, I believe it was said originally that a lot of it is the remains of the edicts.

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Toy Horsey
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Ah, That makes alot of sense,

I thought for some reason that guthix's energy Would still remain in the winner's from some of
the world wars events, and in the world guardian, and Mother mah would be capable
of reforging guthix.

Figures His entirety is completely abolished.

28-Jul-2016 04:46:45

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Theoretically, the Divine Energy from Divination could be pooled into a new body. (How you would make the new body is beyond me. You'd need a powerful gods help for this. Probably Zaros and/or Seren.) The problem is it wouldn't be Guthix. It would be literally just an empty embodiment of a portion of his power. There'd be no personality to it, and it wouldn't come close to Guthixs real power.

As for Mah or one of the Elder Gods, I'd say they could indeed replace the missing power in that new body. They could even create that body themselves quite easily, but it would still be missing Guthixs personality.

But I believe this is all moot. It is as my lord Zaros said...
The god may die, but the philosophy is eternal. In time, another will grow to take his place, be they a god or not.
Of course, this was in reference to Bandos, but the same applies to Guthix. This goes back to the thread that I (admittedly re)created not too long ago: "Who IS Guthixs Successor?" I honestly believe that in the end, we will be forced to carry out Guthixs wish and force the gods out.
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@ Kastor

Not quite.

What the MPD lore book says is "For some reason Death was reluctant to discuss what happens when a god dies. He did, however, detail that a god gives up the right to an afterlife when they ascend. Instead their energy is transferred back into the world upon death."

As for Divination wisps, May Stormbrewer says "There seem to be two aspects to the wisps: they are a fusion of memories and divine energy. We believe the memories are remnants of Guthix's life force. They hold his residual power, if you like. We think that when Guthix died, his power was expelled and spread across the world, manifesting itself as these memories. Divine energy, on the other hand, seems to be something different." (She goes on to explain that the energy is from the edicts barrier)
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Captain Lime

Captain Lime

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Guthix is VERY dead. You can't bring him back. The laws of this canon's nature basically have a giant, bolded, capslocked, double underlined rule with arrows pointing to it: GODS CANNOT RETURN FROM DEATH.

We don't know why, they just can't. Something to do with the Anima or something.

Making another Guthix is another matter entirely, though. In fact, people have been trying that. Twice.

Firstly, it's essentially the plot of the Ascension Dungeon - they're trying to make another Guthix. You can look more into that on your own time.

Also, go do Nomad's Elegy. That has some stuff on what you asked.
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