who are siding with in SE

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Against Sliske, so I guess everybody else.

but if it comes down to it, the Empty Lord shall reclaim his throne!
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must learn to find
in themselves.
Only then can they
themselves and forge their own

16-Dec-2016 06:09:26

Angof Cywir

Angof Cywir

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I am siding with the one and only female chess piece in this whole game:
Queen Seren
I submissively obey Lady Seren's every whim and relish every waking moment willingly serving her. She is my mistress and I am nothing without her. I am without thought, self-awareness, and being without her. She is my everything.

16-Dec-2016 07:56:17



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I'm with Saradomin. He was the first god I ever heard about when I first started playing (thanks Father Aereck), and I've just stuck with him ever since.

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