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Maybe we could get some more Sliske lore in the leadup to the Grand Finale? Perhaps it could be from the perspective of Sliske's old underling - Trindine. ^ "Some of those words were
" - Mod Raven

03-May-2016 06:59:06

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More regular lores and histories would be nice, though I recognize that there probably isn't much time to squeeze them in alongside development and things. All of the current lores and histories are brilliant, though I must say that I particularly like the story "Roots In The Community". I always loved these things which brought us outside of the game while still revealing new information.

P.S. Is there any chance of Postbags from the Hedge being brought back? I imagine we could do some God Letters like were done way back when even, except now the letters would actually make sense and potentially be canon. Postie Pete sure gets around ever since the Gold Club Premier package...

04-Jul-2016 11:43:34

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Chaos Lupus said:
Someone should probably un-sticky this.

Someone shouldn't, because this is literally the only* place on the whole RuneScape website containing a link to the Lores page. If they do, then no one (new) will never be able to find it, unless someone tells them about it.

Jagex should really add it to the navigation bar...

* Well, there is a very small mention of this on a news post a year ago, but no one is going to stumble upon it by accident...
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hey i kinda need help. idk how im even going to check this after i send it. but i would like to have a chat with someone from runescape lol, anyone, its soooo hard to contact runescape..... anyway i was having some problems with runescape an was wondering who i could get ahold of for help. any suggestions? cus took me like 15mins just to find this page....

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