Rifts and the Schism

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Well, if we recall from The Light Within, Zaros said that there are 6 Elder Gods, 5 "of form" (the ones we know of, with physical bodies), and 1 "of something else"...maybe the 6th Elder God is somehow the "dark energy" between planes trying to rip apart the universe or something? Maybe that's what's whispering in the portals and rifts. sTReTCh1028
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As I have said before, I'd see it likely, since there are not many possibilities of such immensely powerful evil/madness energy source.

Maybe he/she was even far more stillborn and damaged than Mah, existing only as crazy energy. Or he/she was killed, deconstructed and/or imprisoned in energetical/portal existence by other elders so he/she can be eaten as anima at the end of cycle. Or used to power some artifacts. Or keep world together. Or something.

If he was sacrificed by others (by destroying his/her egg so there would be no physical form?) to ensure their food and survival (s)he can be our ally against them. Or if being completely insane still be released to rampage on elder halls in Zaros's plan.

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Nice thread. I love the lore in this game because there are so many hidden little mysteries like this one.

I wonder where it will take us...
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Very interesting.

Examining what we know:

-The voices have a single specific theme common to everyone who hears them suggesting that someone/thing is calling out although it is difficult to imagine from where.

-Travel thought the portals probably doesn't allow you to exit next to a portal. We only have one account of anyone using a portal to return to where they came from. I believe both moia and robert were never able to locate the portal again.

-Whatever is behind the voices wants to be found. It always attempts to call people into towards the portals. It is possible all the portals (except the Gielinor one) are pointed towards Gielinor. Which means whatever is calling may be on Gielinor or possibly the Gielinor portal is the only one that can lead to the final destination.
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The 'Portal Notes' mention a scrap of parchment being swept through the vortices of time.
So if the Rift and the Schism are linked, then Robert may have time traveled.

- Magic doesn't exist on Teragard, their power source is the Schism.
Xenia's plan shows us that Gielinor can lose Magic via Anima siphoning to the Abyss.
- Teragard is ruled by humans, seven Magistrates in fact.
Gielinor is ruled by Gods, and they are losing numbers. Take Sliske's Games for instance.
- The Schism is being harvested for power, it may be supplying the entire planet.
The Rift, however, is still hidden beneath Daemonheim, under Zamorak's control.

What I'm getting at is, if Sliske's Games removed all Gods, A global threat left humans as the dominant species, and Xenia's plan to remove Anima and Magic, been successful.

Then perhaps Teragard is the future Gielinor in the 7th Age, had the World Guardians failed.
We know Time Travel and Alternate realities is very possible, and the Rift/Schism seems much more potent than any enchanted key. Any thoughts?

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Maybe the Rift and the Schism aren't the only ones? Maybe the Rift actually goes through the abyss? If I recall, the Dragonkin avoided the Great Revision by hiding in the abyss, correct? It would make sense then only if the Dragonkin spent a great amount of time here, that they didn't actually dig down.. they dug up. they came through the abyss and tore a hole between the worlds.. and then they created a way back to it (Daemonheim). Maybe the abyss itself, being the space between worlds in the mystical plane, is exactly that.. a doorway. Maybe the abyss can open anywhere, even in different worlds?
Whatever is talking to people, telling them to come into the Rift, is maybe trying to bring them into the abyss, but they keep falling through and into other worlds? What purpose would it have in calling them into the abyss though?
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Here is another thought. This is taken in part from Dr. Who, what if the Rift and Schism are infact, cracks in the universe, which is the part that I have taken from Dr. Who

If infact they are, then would there not be more of them? As we know from Dr. Who, the cracks can let other things slip through from other universes.
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For all appearances, the Rift and the Schism seem to be the same or related phenomenon.
Based on Moia, Bilrach, and Robert the Strong's experiences, it seems that the Rift/Schism connects all worlds of this cycle.

We know of few beings that have traveled the entire breadth of the planes or have the the ability to influence the entirety of the plane: the Elder Gods (minus Mah), Zaros, Seren, and Guthix.

In the Elder Sword Echo, Guthix himself notes the existence of, "rents in the dimensional fabric...wounds in the weave between worlds that will not heal." Furthermore, he elaborated that those threads let him find his way to wolds the blade couldn't reach on its own. An unfathomable number of worlds that had been devastated and drained of all life.

Given the nature of the Rift/Schism, I submit that it/they are the 'rents in the dimensional fabric,' Guthix spoke of (especially given their nature as permanent planar portals, which are otherwise a relative rarity).

Acknowledging where those threads let him travel to and the feeding habits of the Elder Gods, I believe that the Rift/Schism were created (either by necessity or by choice) by the Elder Gods while they are crafting the planes.

Of course, that doesn't preclude the possibility of something else using the Rift/Schism for its own purposes after their creation.

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