So why hasn't Saradomin...

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Crow Crimson
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Crow Crimson

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Bandosians haven't really done anything threatening to human civilization in a while. Not only would assembling an invasion and purging them out be inefficient, but it would also leave Saradomin vulnerable to the Zamorakian forces next door. The legendary creators have been long gone from this world. When they return, they'll be surprised and angered of their creations' new sapience. Meanwhile, the world's most elite, summoned to be its guardians, have abandoned their purpose and intend to plunge the world into chaos. -- Bionicle or RS?

01-Aug-2016 20:37:39

Lego Miester
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Lego Miester

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Elder Minsc said:
Apointed an Emperor to rule the human kingdoms of Man? To lead us in a glorious crusade to purge the remaining orcs, goblins and any Bandosian in the wake of their god's death. No one cares about the Big High War God and it's high time we wiped them off the face of Gielenor like the Warhammer Empire.

He's got bigger fish to fry right now. Plus the human kingdoms already have rulers. To completely uproot the existing rulers doesn't seem like the sort of thing the self-proclaimed god of order would do in most scenarios.

And I care about the Big High War God, even if I'm basically the only one. :I
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03-Aug-2016 08:20:43

Ancient Drew
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Ancient Drew

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I happen to be quite interested in seeing if the Bandosians get to rally around this apparent successor. Will there be another Chosen Commander? Maybe the Queen of Ashes will take some? Prepare for hell on RuneScape in Naval Cataclysm!

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03-Aug-2016 08:49:46

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