Guthix and the Kin

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"Time will answer your questions. The Kin wait for those to open the door to power once again. Power not meant for your world nor mine, power best left. They are the shadow at the end of the corridor, the fly that blocks the candle, the seal that holds the lid and the child who shivers under the cold blanket of fear. They are not the answer, but are always the price that comes from asking the question. Why is it, do you think, that the records have been burnt away or hidden from prying eyes? A world made of adversity and beings bold enough to take the challenge of life is no place for secrets. Nothing can remain hidden forever; they are looking once more and, when it is found, the real masters of stability will reclaim the scales of Gielinor.

Every balance needs a counterbalance... Lest he forget."
- King Black Dragon, Postbag 10 (

It's safe to assume that, 10 years to the month after that postbag was posted, the Runescape storyline has changed significantly. However, I don't think we really have any idea of the relationship between Guthix and the Kin, except that there never seemed to be one.

Guthix was a Toucher, and not a false user, so we are told. But was he? What interactions did Guthix and the Kin have?

"With defeat comes rebirth, with rebirth comes conflict. With conflict comes passion, with passion comes power. With power comes a price." What price did Guthix pay?

12-Aug-2016 06:52:00

Maiden China
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Maiden China

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all I rememer about that is some mod saying the kin were aware of guthix and wanted to do something about him, but he was already too powerful

which makes sense, since lucien would have been far less powerful and he seemed to have little difficulty with the kin until Sakirth sneak-attacked him with an elder artefact

12-Aug-2016 11:40:49

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