New God of War? Yes? No?

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The Mighty Fall divided Bandos' faction between Graardor and Zanik. Zanik is now stuck behind Nomad's Elegy, and that depends entirely on whether or not she came back. Zarador is more neutral, as he seems to act mostly as a keeper of knowledge, but not really advocating for what to do with that knowledge. He's more of a Bandos historian than a leader like Graardor or Zanik.

I agree that the Queen of Ashes could recruit the Bandosians. Mod Osborne did suggest that he would introduce the Queen in a Godless quest or a follow-up to The Mighty Fall. While those are separate ideas, I could actually see an overlap, since Fossil is a member of the Godless who dueled Bandos, and Zanik would certainly respect the Godless for wanting nothing to do with gods.

As for Armadyl, I could see some Bandosians joining with him, but he'd likely try to curtail their roles. Zanik wanted the Bandosian's to do something good with their strength, and Armadyl could encourage the same. He would absolutely reject the mantle of "Big High War God", especially since they dismiss him as a chicken.

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