Inquiry on prayers and Zaros

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Aig123 said:
This makes me wonder what Baxtorians chants translate into, had he given us a hymnal.
Probably something along the lines of "Waah waaah waaaah my wife is dead, sadface!"

... Too soon?
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09-Aug-2016 09:40:21

Maiden China
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Kittyphantom said:
No, in the case of the East, I think they're literally cut off and don't know about the gods - making it ripe territory for Western missionaries.
there's some sort of mini-edicts keeping the gods out of that place. I dont think they'd tell the missionaries outright that their gods don't exist, they'd just imagine them as powerful beings instead of things you'd actually want to worship

10-Aug-2016 06:34:31

Lego Miester
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Hazeel said:
I figured Curses were simply drawing from the power of dead Mahjarrat rather than dead humans, making them more powerful.

Or just dead zarosians in general. There's plenty of 'em.

Plus haven't they hinted that something happens to zarosian followers instead of the normal afterlife? Maybe it is still Zaros' power and the power of the ancestors, one and the same...
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10-Aug-2016 06:47:30

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