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Wahisietel said:
As requested by Mod Jack and others on this thread, I have compiled a list of every quest in the game, and marked which age they take place in. This includes all quests that that can be considered to take place in the Sixth Age, the Fifth Age (which includes more than just the 20 or so that are marked as Fifth Age in the game), and "age neutral quests", which can take place in either age.

Some quests are required for Fifth Age quests, but for the purposes of storyline and gameplay, they have little reason to be there, and could easily be removed. Although, until that happens, I still consider them Fifth Age. These quests are in italics.

Personally, I consider ALL quests released prior to Bringing Home the Bacon Fifth Age, but many of them could really take place in either age. At any rate, this list may be considered useful for those who wish to complete all Fifth Age quests before starting The World Wakes, and then moving onto Sixth Age ones such a Bringing Home the Bacon and the Death of Chivalry.

The link to the other thread that I bolded links back to this same thread. What? :P
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