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Devil Vein said:

1. It was stated that our protection is to nullify Godly energy, so Saradomin blast did hit us, just didn't kill us. We can die from it, but not in one hit like a lot of mortals. By the way, it wasn't the elder wand, in fact it was proven that it isn't an Elder artifact at all.

2. Seren never stated how she saved us, remember she said Guthix made it hard for those who want to help us, so she could have either had trouble in floating us, or had to use an object to save us.

3. Guthix was the most powerful one, he banished those not willing to leave, and went around looking for other gods. In Hero's welcome, it was stated that the event of the edict was not a one day event, but a multiple vanishing. Guthix goes to the Gods who are more peaceful and ask them to leave, Spoilers:
V and Bandos are an example of this. After the Mighty Falls quest, you can collect some of Bandos memories, which explains that Guthix visited Bandos and told the God to leave, which he agreed to. V was the same matter, and so were some other unknown gods. Of course it was stated some tried to hide from him.
Remember the Edict was a barrier made to prevent the gods from entering Gielinor again, Guthix needed to remove those who remained. Seren was asked to leave with him, but as stated in her memory, she revealed to Guthix what she mistakenly done to the elves, She agreed to leave, but not with him. Guthix tried to figure out a solution, only to then let her shatter herself, as she wanted to make sure her elves lives, but without the need of her.
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