Am I A Light Mahjarrat?!

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Solanumtinkr said:
Half Centaur said:
I really don't see a big difference between the source of the power for the OoA and the shapeshifters. They're both forms of anima, its just the latter is far more elegant and was shaped by a god through part of the way that knew what she was doing.

Also, when you say that you're light mahjarrat, that seems to imply that Mahjarrat are inherently dark, which isn't really the case imho. They just gravitated towards more militant spells to keep alive. That could very well change without the rituals though, in due time.
I think you will find that when she referred to dark and light it was to do with the simulacrum crystal types zaros and seren have. Zaros' is dark. Seren's is light.
So Dark crystal Mahjarrat and Light crystal Mahjarrat, would there be a difference? Good and evil never enter into it.
Or maybe it was about weight. How heavy is a mahjarrat?
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Angof Cywir

Angof Cywir

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Light and dark as in their simulacrums.

And I still stand with my theory. Tarddiad was one of the elder gods' older less experiencely crafted realms, (the lower planes, as Zaros would say), and it was the first Seren encountered after she left Freneskae. It is filled with (most likely) discarded elder god shards, like the ones on freneskae because it was one of the Elder God's earlier creations.
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