Godhood and Genetics

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Wahisietel said:

Anyway, back on topic, but do we even know if Amascut and Icthlarin are actually Tumeken @ Elidinis's biological children? Or that they weren't born as mortals, and didn't ascend until later?

I believe Tumeken and/or Elidinis invested their divine energy into the both of them before they were born. In likely much the same manner Tumeken used to create godly pieces of himself.

This also lends itself to my theory Tumeken was originally tier 3 before the rest of the pantheon came into play- that shows the clear energy cost of creating more gods. As I said before, if they could just have as many kids as they want with no cost, well, you'd expect it to be something they always did or every god did. It's free energy, from one perspective, and as long as the family stays together, you'd be unstoppable.
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