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If you still need some help, I think I can do it by heart:

-Elvarg: September 2001
-King Black Dragon (first real boss): September 2002
-Kalphite Queen: September 2004
-Barrows (original bosses): May 2005
-Jad: October 2005
-Dagannoth Kings: November 2005
-Chaos Elemental: February 2006
-Giant Mole: March 2006
-The 4 original God Wars Dungeon bosses: August 2007
-Bork: March 2008
-Corporeal Beast: September 2008
-Tormented Demons: November 2008
-Dungeoneering bossess: April 2010 and later
-Nex: January 2011
-Queen Black Dragon: May 2012
-Kalphite King: January 2013
-Exiled Kalphite Queen: January 2013
-Vorago: July 2013
-Rise of the Six bosses: November 2013
-Araxxor: July 2014
-Raids bosses: July 2015
-God Wars Dungeon V2 bosses: March 2016
-Telos: June 2016
-Nex - Angel of Death: January 2017

Needed help with only 4 of those! :)

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