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I'm curious to see how our translations hold up. You did a really good job at translating most of this. I wonder when the next time we'll get more Dragonkin language will be..? A
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20-Mar-2018 12:51:38

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I don't think we will get any more text soon, but we know almost nothing about the quest release schedule. Although if Needle Skips does come out and it does contain a search engine, that would be a great place for lore to be hidden.

20-Mar-2018 12:58:38

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I'm a big fan of the low-key miniquest as a way to introduce lore and I hope they're able to increase the rate of release of them, with the quest release schedule being so slow these days. Continual disappointment is the spice of life.

27-Mar-2018 13:45:27

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Hok is Queen
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11-Apr-2018 13:50:27

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Kanarthasis said:
Hok is Queen

No, since its usage is:
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First Dragon
Black Dragon

And according to the Dragonkin Primer, the syntax for dragon naming is Colour-Dragon-Title/Descriptor.

This implies that Traken is what would mean queen. However there is no reason to assume the Dragonkin would be assigning the dragons regal titles like we do, so it would make more sense for that to mean mother, given her role as the mother of the dragon species.

Hok on the other hand seems to be used as a preposition, like is or was.
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Really think this language is like the so called Small Talk. Having gone to such decree of languages and tongues they've compressed them all to very tiny pack with half-of-hair-size of difference in a word making it thousands of hairs different.

13-Jun-2018 21:13:20

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