Icthlarin: Hero of sixth Age!

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Maiden China said:
Icthlarin's in a position of weakness, he doesn't have the power to dictate terms... if he did, he totally would. He'd murder most of the gods (minus maybe armadyl) to restore some degree of balance to the world (and he'd totally murder armadyl too if the bird wanted to law-ify his desert). The fact that he has little power is the main reason for him being likable

He doesnt interfere much in mortal matters, but he would when there are gods who want to enslave everybody, and him not having the power to do much is the reason why he doesn't
If he believes Amascut can be cured or saved, then there's no reason for him to kill the other gods. As for Tumeken, he was crazy enough to blow himself up and burn an entire forest into desert.
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