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N7spongy said:
I lean towards Kharazi as the Karamjan God, has more of a ring to it. If there are 3 Karamjan Gods like originally planned, then I dont think the other two would be on the world map, Ozzy said there was only one.

I agree, Kharazi has a great ring to it for a God's name.

Hopefully, there will still be three...

N7spongy said:
Also IceyIce, Ill just say this here since I dont know how to post your post beneath my previous paragraph, Akthanatos was mistaken as the Camel God, even the mods confirm this at multiple QA's.

As in to say, there is a "Camel God," and Akthanakos was mistaken for it, or as in Akthanakos was mistaken as a God himself, and there is no "Camel God"?
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19-Mar-2016 21:17:30

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