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Visenya 1st

Visenya 1st

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Giras said:
Yes...for example: Aegon, he's given Zarosians such a bad name that no Zarosian considers him one of their own anymore. Sure he's still got the in-game stuff but as far as debates and anything else goes Aegon's got less credibility than a Sliskean.

He only needs Zaros' approval. No one else matters; a dragon doesn't care for the opinions of sheep.

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24-Mar-2016 06:18:09

Ancient Drew
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Ancient Drew

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I doubt that they could be excommunicated, and Zaros doesn't seem to be the kind to drop people like rocks the moment they do something slightly off. Even if the player does everything against Zaros, he still shows respect to them. The only time I knew him to scold me was when I took Seren to Freneskae to get her soul back inside her in The Light Within, and that was because Mah is still running around and posed a danger to all of us.

Sliske was already doing nasty things even when he was "with" Zaros. He took Gregorovic as one of his wights back in the Fourth Age and never even told Zaros about it, killed Guthix when he said he wouldn't (and breaking Seren's heart in the process), started the second God Wars for fun and would offer the Stone of Jas to the winner (Zaros is opposed to all of this anyway)...and he told us to give Zaros the light simulacrum. Nice, I know.
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24-Mar-2016 16:30:07



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We steal, buy and sell their relics like CCG trading cards. Or alchemize or dissemble their stuff just because.
We steal from and murder their followers and generals by the thousands for gains.
We subvert their plans in quests.
If they've seen some of our fan arts, and what we secretly want to do with their followers when we're offline.

I think ex-communication is the least of our concerns.

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I can't see the incentive to at the present time. By excommunicating them, you are actively burning your bridges with them and in effect declaring the most influential individual on Gilenor an irreconcilable enemy and thus potentially dooming yourself to failure. I'm pretty sure the default stance would be the same as Azzanadra's if you sabotaged Zaros in FotG, in that there's no point going for revenge when there still remains the possibility, however slight, of obtaining the World Guardian's support and achieving your aims. If it comes to the point when we, personally, decide who lives and dies, I think we can expect to excommunications and the like.

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A Mighty
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A Mighty

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We probably could be excommunicated if we tried to destroy Gielinor or something, but we won't be, because
Guthix is dead.
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29-Mar-2016 23:41:51

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We seem to mostly be necessary for all of their plans. So I don't think they will excommunicate us no matter how badly we misunderstand their philosophies. But their factions can kick you out. NO
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30-Mar-2016 06:24:37

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CakeRider said:
I would have been excommunicated long before Seren had returned.

I already excommunicated you, nub*****;_>

Also yeah no, I don't see any God, or even their followers excommunicating us. If the God tells them they can't they won't argue.
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18-Apr-2016 06:09:26

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