The real reason we do quest's?

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The real reason we do quests is because we need money to survive. Although at some point we continued because we became rich, and we enjoyed helping others.

Then Guthix made us World Guardian. Now we do quests because we have a moral conscience that prevents us from ever stopping ;-;
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If I were to say why my character does quests, I would say it depends on the quest.

Why did I become a Freminnik? To learn about their culture.
Why did I help them fight the Dagannoths? To protect them, now that I considered them family.

Why did I look for the Staff of Armadyl? Because I knew it had to be interesting
Why did I go after Lucien? He lied to me, tried to use me, and killed friends of mine.

Why did I go back in time? To learn about history.
Why did I fix things in the past? To fix the future.

I would say Sepulchre's two main goals in questing are to learn everything she can, and to help anyone she can.
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