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Draco Burnz said:
Final Feud said:
Click here and type your message.

Point of this is?

The same reason you spam the forums
it isn't about winning or losing. it's about sending a message. :P
different rules for different people

30-Jan-2018 23:00:36

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Jesus christ, STOP SELLING XP!!!

You make a speech that we now know to be complete bull about toning down the monetisation and focusing on cosmetics, and then you bring back second chance Tuesday, to sell XP, and then you take one of the really bad XP selling promotions and make it EVEN WORSE.

If anyone trusts you to actually stick to your word on not slaving this game to the wallets of your non-gaming investor overlords, they're a fool at this point. The greed that is putting wallets before the health of the game will kill it. Expect RS Mobile to just be known as 'another MTX mobile game'.

When the game dies well before its time, it will be YOUR fault, MTX team. Shame on you.

31-Jan-2018 13:05:11

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