50% Bonus Keys... Not 100%? :(

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Sean na Gael
Jul Member 2016

Sean na Gael

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Yes, I am a greedy bastidge.

I got an promotion to receive 50% extra bonus keys/heart if I am nutty enough to shell out $50 or $100 in keys. I had earlier at some point months ago, but for 100% bonus keys. So it WAS 100% bonus keys/hearts, IS NOW only 50% bonus keys/hearts.

Is this 50% promotion a mistake, and it should still be a 100% bonus? Or are you just reducing the promotion level?

Thanks in advance.

17-May-2017 19:01:18

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They're 2 different promotions and the 50% extra keys is correct. The keys you purchased were for the 'double keys' promotion.
The 100% extra keys is quite the uncommon offer; this one is slightly more common.

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