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I think it is more feasible to give 100% bonus to the 5 skills with the most instead of least xp will be more feasible as most players will probably want to focus on maxing some skills first. :)

24-May-2018 17:09:11

Dan Ace114
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Dan Ace114

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f a k e news said:
Can you make a phats on th promotion there are ppl out there that will spend their life savings for this.

If thats the case why don't you just buy bonds with your life savings, sell them on the GE then buy the phats?

The pool of prizes (specially purple) need a rework, but I don't think phats are the way to go.

26-May-2018 19:41:52



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I have 2 accounts for this game, one called Deathforu2 the other one Deathforu3, I bought successfully membership and 2 rounds of keys from the treasure key shop, now though, every area minus membership is saying Deathforu3 is un-eligible to buy anything else... Can you please help?

26-May-2018 22:54:39

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