Ghostweave Returns

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Southeaster said:
Mod Krista said:
A little Q&A:

Q: Can you get ghostweave from skilling?
A: No. There was an initial plan to have the ability to get ghostweave in the game, but when plans for hallowe'en were drawn up this got changed. This is why I made sure that players got a good chunk of ghostweave for free when opening TH.

600 isn't a good chunk. That's one outfit out of fifteen. Was going to use my saved up keys on this, now I won't even bother.

Thanks for another cheap money grab, I guess. Without skilling, this promotion seems unobtainable even for the whales.

plus the "new" suits are mostly grayed out versions of the originals and are not even see through.
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25-Oct-2017 11:26:27

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