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As I understand it, this promo randomly occurs for some players... I believe I made the mistake of clicking the "don't show this again" check box in the past to this offer as I never wanted to buy keys at that time nor did I think that I would want to buy keys in the future.

I recently started playing again and am finding that the promotional events that occur for TH are quite enticing and I have realised that i'll never be able to take advantage of an offer such as double keys or 50% more etc, due to that decision.

Is there any way to reverse this?

20-Jun-2017 12:04:10

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2 things you should know about the key offers:

1. They're not random.
2. You can never be permanently rid of them unless you buy keys every now and then (on a non-ironman at least, don't know about the hiccups that sometimes occur for ironmen).

The "don't show this again" only applies to that advert that you saw at the time, so just keep waiting and hold on to buying keys (because buying them makes you less likely to get such an offer, due to their marketing of enticing new people to buy).

Also, if you haven't turned it off by unsubscribing from it, the offers should also appear to your email that's registered to your account. On Gmail, they should by default appear to the "promotions" category.
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20-Jun-2017 14:18:47

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