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From 00:00 game time on Wednesday 20th June through to 23:59 game time on Monday 25th June, check back on Treasure Hunter regularly to catch Mysteria with its ever-changing promotions!

Whilst active, one of 6 promotions will be active for 4 hours, before swapping out for the next one.

- Smouldering Lamps
- Lava Lanterns
- Meteor Storm
- Celebration Lamps
- Hydra Lamps
- Supernova

The individual promotions will run from below times, in game time:

- 00:00 to 03:59
- 04:00 to 07:59
- 08:00 to 11:59
- 12:00 to 15:59
- 16:00 to 19:59
- 20:00 to 23:59

Note that the prizes are loaded immediately when opening Treasure hunter or claiming a prize, so you may find that you receive a reward from a previous promotion for your first key only. Enjoy!
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