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War Head 420

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hey there, today i used my daily keys on the dragon chests and got pretty lucky so i went and got a game card to get some more keys, but now that im back home the treasure hunter only has normal chests...did i use all my dragon chests or are they random?

any info helps! thanks!

08-Mar-2018 03:08:42

I Cerbion I

I Cerbion I

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Each time you open a chest a new bonus is rolled, this can also mean that you get no bonus at all (ie normal chest) this is also true for 10x key opens, say if you have currently a double 4x chest (double runite) you'd get 8x reward for the first of the 10 chests, and for every chest after that the bonus changes again and again.
I tried this yesterday night when the reset was and got like 3x then 4x then 1x then 2x and so on.
Hope this helps.

08-Mar-2018 10:33:44

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The color of the chests show you what the multiplier of that roll is.

The girl on the left side of the screen also tells you the multiplier as well as whether you hit "double dragon" this round. :)

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