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xxqw56chxx said:
Raphtalia6 said:

right now its tomuch clicking

Yet the whole game is played by clicking...

Anywho sure why not.

Not if you play eoc
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thanks for existing Karen Kujo <3

02-Aug-2018 11:52:03

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Support, but I mean it's a laughable request.

I must have spent over 30k oddments on the store by now myself and not once did I think "wow, this is so tedious". Yeah, you have a click a few times to buy like 300 pulse cores, but it's nothing compared to what you have to do for just about everything else in RS.

Back in my day, we had to click a knife and a log one at at time to make unstrung bows, then take 10+4x1 bows (u) and 10+4x1 strings out of the bank and attach them one by one to make bows. That's how I got 99! We didn't have no bonus xp or pulse cores or prismatic lamps or "make all" none of that nonsense. We did it all by hand, one by one.

Now where's my walking cane, I'm going outside to wave it at the damn kids skating on the sidewalk. :P
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