Rainbow Again?!

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So for the fifth time Jagex has decided to do the rainbow treasure hunter event. Once again offering the rainbow cape as a "rare" cosmetic plummeting the price of the cape (again). If we are going to offer cosmetics via treasure hunter and advertise them to others as rare, we probably shouldn't continue to do the event another four times. People like myself initially bought the cape at 60+m and now it is worth less than 10m.

What is next to plummet? Mimic? Seasons armor?
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16-May-2017 01:09:49



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Is anyone else having a hard time buying keys for this rainbow promotion? it keeps sending me to a failed transaction page. When my information is correct, and i have bought keys with this card before.

16-May-2017 06:48:25



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Well the definition of rare still stands as it is a rare item from Treasure Hunter. The amount in game doesn't reflect the means to obtain it :P Totally agree on the part that this promotion has been brought back too many times though.

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