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Ahura said:
PrimaAntiqua said:
These should have been released by the Invention fragments system by now.

Also, do not think you are forgiven for the Second Chance Tuesday run of the Genie promo - another blatant XP sell.

The promise continues to be broken. And that 'content rating system' has still not materialised.
Be happy you don't even have to use your keys for these outfits anymore. You have a choice, if you don't have patience and want them now get them from TH now that you can. You talk as if Jagex owes you these inv fragments lol...

Sorry Ahura, but you haven't had a choice if you're a competitive dungeoneerer. The dungeoneering outfit was released in October 2016, and 10 months later, seasonal hiscores were released for dungeoneering: fastest group dungeon (C6 large) and fastest solo dungeon (C6 medium). And as you can see from the list of the outfit's benefits:

The outfit gave a clear advantage to its owners during these seasonals, and despite the players wanting the outfit to be disabled for the hiscores, Jagex refused those requests by allowing to use it.

15-Feb-2018 11:15:04

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