Reclaim TH outfit pieces?

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A couple of years ago when the shark outfit first was announced i got like a couple of legs and hands, and don't ask me why but i destroyed the pieces sometime after since i didn't get a full set... so i'm just wondering if there's any way to reclaim cosmetics/outfit sets that you removed from your bank/inventory? This current event I've opened treasures and i still miss a couple of pieces of the shark outfit, which i can't seem to find at all... i used 200+ keys and got nothing yesterday. Also, when i checked the "Categories" tab, i didn't see any pieces of the shark outfit, only xp lamps etc... And no, the fishing tab wasn't frozen either, since i got all the other pieces...

So maybe i coundn't open them because i've already won the items, but a couple of years ago, and then destroyed them...? So is there any NPC or so to reclaim lost outfit pieces?


11-Jul-2017 15:21:03

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