Celebration lamp bonus exp ?

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HSY freedom

HSY freedom

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Can't find an answer anywhere, maybe I am understanding this wording wrong?

"Celebration lamps now grant 10% more experience and now you can benefit from 20% increased experience throughout the event!"

I can see that my lamps are giving 10% more exp but this 20% increased experience - where does it apply to because I don't see any bonus exp from doing anything.

16-Jul-2018 08:35:26

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Axiomatic said:
The first time celebration lamps appeared on TH there was a +10% XP Bonus for everyone, which increased as you used lamps from TH. I don't think this promotion has the bonus though, they might've forgotten to remove the line mentioning it.

Yes, I certainly got the bonus, and the more lamps I rubbed, the higher the percentage. I did not pay attention on the actual numbers though, but apparently the bonus are there, and grow as more lamps are used.

16-Jul-2018 23:04:07

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