Should you save or spend keys?

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Firstly, I'm a returning player, the whole treasure hunter is rather alien to me.

I have gathered a few keys and spent a few keys, now I'm collecting some more through quests etc..

My question is, should you save the keys - is there ever any sort of promotion on the treasure hunter thing? where there is a better time to spend keys than others?

Also, I'm f2p at the moment but will be upgrading to members once dragon slayer is complete, should I save keys for when I get members?

Hopefully this makes sense and hopefully someone can answer this ,


25-Jun-2017 12:40:59

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If you're going to be a member soon, definitely save your keys. They're not worth using as F2P.

Outside that, you have to ask yourself one question: do you prefer exp or items unique to TH (slayer masks, certain skilling outfits etc.)?

If you prefer exp, there's quite often promotions that sell exp, so there's not much point to saving your keys.

If you prefer unique items, you should save your keys for those promotions for better chances at getting them. They don't happen very often anymore, so you may have to be patient. That means sometimes having to destroy key tokens you randomly get while playing, since they can't be used past 10 earned keys nor be banked.
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Some promos are better than other even when going for xp I managed to save 100 which is hard cap for earned and bypassed that by leaving like 30 quests on last step before claiming the reward which includes 2 keys each. daily challenges help getting exra 1 key a day until 100, takes a while though. There is a cap of 10 keys from keys earned on skilling, so if you have more than 9 keys you can't claim the ticket, but that's ok I destroyed many of them... seems like a waste but when an op promo rolled around and I used 170+ earned keys on it, it was definitively worth it.

26-Jun-2017 21:52:44



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If you want XP wait for SUPREME STARS, LAVA LAMPS, TIME TO TRAIN or PRISMATIA PLUS, RAINBOW P2W EXPRESS. Almost all the second chance Tuesday bring back the most OP promos so watch out for those.

SMOLDERING LAMPS are overrated or used for strict whales to burn off all their ridiculous amounts of BXP.

Sometimes there is other kinds of promos but mostly they are XP related, and cosmetics are hard as f**k to get while stars and lamps get farted out on every other key.
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MadDrunk How it's p2w when the talk is about earned keys which you get by playing the game? You seem to be really salty about these micro transactions, just ignore them. Also last time I checked th does not offer any overpowered weapons that you cannot get in the rest of the game, so it's not p2w in either case as you're not winning anything, even if you spend your real money for xp... you're just developing your character. This does not give you any unfair advantage in any pvp.

"while stars and lamps get farted out on every other key"

No actually you can get them with every key if you know how to use hearts of ice, but most will be small ones anyway, so if buying keys you will be spending a shit ton of money.

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