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Jul Member 2018


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I recently purchased some TH keys and I cant seem to buy more.

I get the error "You are not eligible for any items in this category"

It's been like this for a few weeks now and i thought first it was a bug but it remains.

How do I become eligible?

27-Jul-2018 19:24:36

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It sounds like you may have reached a limit on buying keys. If that is the case, all you can do is wait it out.

Here's are J Mod responses from similar past threads:

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I understand you've been having issues with your buying limit having been reached for Treasure Hunter Keys. Limits for purchases are based on a number of factors. I am unable to go into detail on what these factor are, as truthfully I don't know. What I do know is that previous purchases are taken into consideration but it is our systems that sets what quantities you are allowed to buy in.

I am also unaware of when this limit will be lifted as it depends on a number of factors that the system decides but hopefully it will not be too long.
t this can be frustrating.

Original message details are unavailable.
As I mentioned, the system sets these limits, unless you are buying through a third party such as BOKU, who set their own. This is not a widespread issue and only impacts very few players, as it usually takes quite a lot of purchases, to trigger the limit being imposed.

Please be aware that the limits are there for the best interests of all parties and I hope it hasn't impacted on your gaming too much, but the limits will not be lifted until the system makes that decision.

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27-Jul-2018 21:53:27



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I also just hit a buy limit and this is my first purchase of th keys on this account... and I am buy straight from the game... please fix this or compensate the players who are wanting to spend money on the game....

15-Sep-2018 21:11:25

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